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Headless Zombie

About game:

Headless Zombie is a Platform, Magic, Zombie and Adventure video game. The game tells you a story about a poor aristocrat whose name is Carl. Carl’s incident turned himself into a Zombie, and now, he is on his way to get his wealth back. You are the only one who can help this adorable Zombie to surpass all the challenges Headless Zombie offers.

Headless Zombie includes 20 levels and one bonus stage. In each level, Carl will have to collect all three golden coins and get to the magical door that leads him to the next level. Carl is an incredible Zombie since he can take down his head, as well as to move his headless body around the game world without losing a single function. While traveling from level to level, multiple obstacles can stop Carl from being successful, such as the deadly fire. The further Carl progresses, the more challenging obstacles wait for him ahead. You can only stay and fight against the challenges in Headless Zombie to surpass them since problems are the best dishes on the table of Headless Zombie.

Although Headless Zombie is a light Platform video game, its elements such as graphics, sounds, and storyline are high rated. The game also receives millions of visits every day. You should kick off the Adventure in Headless Zombie now, as it is too fun to neglect!

Headless Zombie Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move the body of Carl.

Press the Space bar to take down Carl’s head.

Headless Zombie - How to play

Control of Headless Zombie

Tips and tricks:

The game offers you a walkthrough video, and if you aim to surpass all the levels of the game quick, you should see this video.

The intro of the game isn’t essential to the gameplay, and you can skip it.

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Headless Zombie Walkthrough