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About game:

Hazmat is a really popular action and platform game created by Alillm. This game requires of players a wide range of great skills to complete fascinating and challenging levels.

In this game, your character is a cool robot. And your goal is simple but not easy to accomplish: control the robot, help him overcome many challenges, and get to the exit door. What makes it so hard is that you have to avoid hazards on your way including laser beams, spikes, toxic materials and razor blades as possible as you can.

Hazmat will definitely bring you a thrilling experience with the excellent combination of interesting sounds and eye-catching graphics. Besides, it can also boost your dexterity and nimbleness. Play it now!

Hazmat Unblocked:

Hazmat Unblocked is available at, you can access to this site and try the game for free. is a prestigious website for gamers who are keen on unblocked games. In addition, with this website, you are not blocked by anything and can play games every time and everywhere.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Press “P” to pause, “M” to mute.

Hazmat - How to play

Control of Hazmat

Tips and tricks:

  • Be patient. It takes you a little time at the beginning.
  • Be careful with your steps. Try to keep away from hazards.