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Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels is a fantastic physics-based platform action game. This simple physics-focused arcade amusement has players hurrying through dangerous levels on the clumsy bike that the hero demands on utilizing. Do you think you can end up without any missing body part?

About game:

Happy Wheels is a fantastic physics-based platform game designed by Jim Bonacci and Total Jerkface. In this amusement, there are numerous characters for you to select, and each character has their claim highlights. Within Happy Wheels, you have got to ride a segway, bike, or other vehicles through a savage deterrent course full of hops, lifts, moving stages, turning spiked wheels, and other passing traps. If you miss, you'll die or get maimed. Hit a land mine, for instance, and pieces of you and your blood will splatter everywhere. Your target is reaching the finish line safely. There are many dangerous obstacles on your way. The challenges can take away your left arm, your right leg, or other parts of your body to go over.

In this game, the players control a selection of various, unique characters with their goal being to get to the finish line. The players need to activate a trigger that triggers victory or collect a required number of tokens while avoiding being splattered across the level by many hazards and obstacles. There are 25 different characters that you can choose to play.

In Happy Wheels, each character has different characteristics. They are not only different in appearance but also different in terms of objects that they bring along. They can be equipped with a wheelchair, a helmet, or carrying people on the back of their bicycles.

At first, you can only play and select a few characters. However, after you unlock the higher levels, you will have the right to choose more characters. Therefore, the game design will also become more abundant and more diverse. The characters in this game are designed with different shaping.

Some characters look normal, but there will also be slightly scary characters, and it creates creepy feelings for you to join the adventure in Happy Wheels. According to the vote of the people who used to play Happy Wheels, there are top favourite characters in this game. They include Irresponsible Dad, Wheelchair Guy, Pogostick Man, Segway Guy, and Helicopter Man.

During the game, you'll too unreservedly select the setting and foundation of the level you play. That foundation can be a city, a burrow, in a building or a forest. The foremost energizing include in Happy Wheels is the level editor. By mixing the scene and characters at each level, you'll be able to make for yourself numerous diverse levels and unleash this amusement encounter. You'll plan your levels and share your works to anybody who has the same intrigue. The player may make and share their claim custom scenarios utilizing the sweeping level editor.

The game is most outstanding for its dark sense of humour and its extensive amounts of blood and gore. So, this is a game for those who like the feeling of a creepy and robust story. The general impression of the players when participating in this game is a bit scary but also full of excitement.

Game programmers have created a game with a creepy sound but appealing to players. Besides, manipulations in movie games are highly violent and suitable for those who like strong feelings. This is also the reason why this game is assigned to people over 16 and aware of mature action.

Happy Wheel is an HTML5 game, which means you don't need to download anything to play it. This action game, also powered by Flash technology, can play online on your modern browser without any trouble. Also, this game now has a mobile version, and you can download it to your phone. With this innovation, you can play Happy Wheels at school or anywhere you want. Let's come and check it out!

Happy Wheels unblocked:

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How to play:

  • In the game Happy Wheels, you will use the keyboard to control the character to move in the direction you want. The keyboard will manage all operations, so you need fast and flexible. The keys you use mainly are arrows and some other function keys:
  • Up arrow: forward drive
  • Down arrow: reverse
  • Back arrow: backward wheelie
  • Right arrow: lean forward
  • Z: eject
  • Spacebar: primary action (the variation depends on characters)
  • Shift & ctrl: secondary movement (the change depends on characters)

 Tips and tricks:

  • Take your time, expect what another challenge is, and rationally plan yourself for all the fine-tuned gymnastics. You'll without a doubt got to drag off to defeat another impediment and all the rest that lay between you and the wrap-up line.
  • umping is a crucial aspect of Happy Wheels. Just rolling everywhere will get you killed super quickly. Fair do not disregard that now, and then bouncing can diminish your energy. Hence, you ought to consider inclining into bounced to extend your speed to go a bit encourage, or leaning back for shallower drops.
  • Some of the traps may seem impossible to pass at the beginning. But you need to know that there may be a way to nullify the difficulty with a switch or an alternate pathway.
  • Look out for these little directions, and you can save yourself lots of frustration.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to operation in Happy Wheels?

  1. This is a common question for those who first played this game. Let's read some fact about this!
  2. If you want to move, use the Left arrow key to lean back, Right arrow key to lean forward, Up arrow key to accelerate and Down arrow key to decelerate.
  3. In some cases, you will have to control the character to jump over the obstacles and protect yourself. Let's use Space key to shoot or jump, Use the Z key to eject. After ejecting, use Space key to grab things.
  4. In a multiplayer level, you need to use Ctrl key and Shift key for subsequent actions.