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About game:

Fancy of shooting games, then Gunbot is just the right one for you. Categorized as an action platform game, Gunbot is a game of BerzerkStudio. In GunBot, you will be a robot on your journey to find a mysterious artifact, but it won't be an easy and comfortable journey! Threats and deads are all over the place so be careful of every shot and every step…

Monsters will appear in many forms to knock you down, use your skills and intelligence to destroy those who stand in your way. Do making perfect shots at monsters while rolling in the air or collecting money to unlock powerful and exotic guns sound attractive to you?

Complete the journey and every achievement in GunBot to prove that you are a great shooter. Unlock every gun to discover the power and complete all 3 worlds of GunBot. May the brave and the best shooter survive!

How to play:

  • Mouse is used for aiming and shooting.
  • You will move, jump, spin and climb with W/A/S/D.
  • Arrow keys are also used for moving, jumping, spinning and climbing too.

GunBot - How to play

Control of GunBot

Tips and Tricks:

  • Water is dangerous to robots, so be careful and stay away from them.
  • Collect every star you can find on your way to unlock achievements.
  • Check your account regularly to make sure you have enough money for more powerful guns.

GunBot Unblocked:

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GunBot Walkthrough