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Gun Mayhem Redux

About the game:

Gun Mayhem Redux is an addictive action game. When participating in this game, you will transform into a warrior, and your opponent is the Easy AI. This character is equipped with advanced weapons and excellent combat ability. Your mission is to use your weapons and fight in a clever way to destroy the enemy.

You will be equipped with the weapons that are available in your arsenal. However, every time you complete the mission or win the opponent, you will be provided with more powerful and destructive weapons... The context of the game is a battlefield with many different scenes.

In each level, the background will be changed to create a fresh feeling for the player. In each background, the terrain will also be different, and you will have to move very flexibly. Let's play and experience!

Gun Mayhem Redux Unblocked:

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How to play:

- Player 1 controls:

  • Use the arrow keys for movement
  • Z for primary fire
  • X for secondary fire

- Player 2 controls:

  • Press W, A, S, D for movement
  • T for primary fire
  • Y for secondary fire
  • Gun Mayhem Redux - how to play

Control of Gun Mayhem Redux

Tips and tricks:

  • Remember to get the energy for your weapons and flexibly use weapons with two fire modes to defeat your enemies.
  • Notice the white box that appears along with the level. It means that there is remaining ammo, let's fight for it!
  • The game manipulation is quite flexible, let's practice and master this fantastic game!

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Gun Mayhem Redux Walkthrough