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Gun Mayhem 2


Welcome back to Gun Mayhem 2 (Full name: Gun Mayhem 2 More Mayhem) which is a cool and fun online third-person shooter video game developed by Kevin Gu and published by Armor Games. In this video game, you will continue to control your lovely gung-ho soldier and try to kill all enemies on the map. This season 2 continues to be a flash video game for PC, so you can play it on any web browser you like. With exciting and addictive gameplay, Gun Mayhem 2 will be even more amazing as it provides players with new maps, campaign modes with new missions, new guns, etc. The game's graphics are a plus when it gives you an impressive 2D shooting game. It's even better than the first season. You can play this game with 1 player mode but you can also invite your friends to fight side by side in 2 players (multiplayer) mode. Have fun!

About game:

We will continue to fight in the exciting maps at Gun Mayhem 2. In chaotic battles, your mission is to kill powerful enemies with guns or grenades. Gun Mayhem 2 has many modes for you to experience. Play in the Campaign mode, Challenge mode, and Custom mode is very cool. Similar to the first season, you can customize your gung-ho soldier. Please change their hats, faces, and clothes to have an impressive look. Don't forget that every time you pick up a new weapon, its appearance will also be changed.

What makes the difference between the Gun Mayhem series and other shooting games is that you won't kill the enemy to score. You will shoot them, of course, but it is a shot to push your enemies down the abyss. This makes the game more fun and suitable for all ages. Each battlefield in this game has different contexts but they all have a similarity, the abyss.

In each battle, your mission is to shoot the enemy into the abyss. You can move, jump, shoot, and double jump. Move skillfully to appear in safe locations and kill enemies when he can't dodge your attack. Gun battles in Gun Mayhem 2 are fast paced and you have to use your reflexes to survive! And maybe, at the same time, you can be attacked from different directions.

In the game missions, you will face enemies called Mafia Dude. You may feel that he is quite familiar because he has appeared from the Gun Mayhem 1. For gamers who do not know about this character, his weapon is Sand Hawk. He wore a hat called Dark Gray Fedora. Dark Blue is the color of this character and the Professional Killer is his shirt. The Campaign is an interesting mode that you should try because it has many different levels to challenge your abilities. If you are a beginner, you should complete the tutorial of this video game.

The Gun Mayhem 2 weapon system is amazing when it brings you over 80 different guns, from sub machine guns, snipers, shotguns, assault rifles ... to light machine guns, special guns, hang guns, and TNT... During the game, you will see that your gung-ho character can perform actions with parkour style, it’s very cool. You will also have to collect power-ups on the battlefield to take advantage. There are many different power-ups like new guns, HP-Kits, or powerful items ...

There is a total of 16 different maps in the Campaign game mode. You should play in multiplayer mode to have a full gaming experience. If the Campaign is a place where you have to complete difficult missions, Challenge is where you have to fight against AI opponents. In Challenge mode, you will have to play with time pressure. The faster you complete the challenge, the more points you will have. Custom mode is also a great mode that you should try. There are 7 stages in this area with different tasks. At the Custom mode, you can enable or disable weapon boxes, set the lives in a match...

You will play with a third-person perspective. Weapon system in this game is very awesome. Every time you pick up a new gun, you'll like its appearance. Besides, you must learn about stats and characteristics of the gun because each gun will have strengths in different situations. If you shoot enemies in close range, shotgun is the strongest weapon. But the shotgun will be very inaccurate when you use it at a distance.

I mentioned that you will be pushed down to the abyss, right? Don't ignore the gravity factor in the Gun Mayhem 2 video game. To win a gun battle, you must pay attention to gravity and move smartly. Music is a good feature in this game for PC. Turn on the sound to enjoy the game with beautiful effects. Don't forget to unlock the perks. Each perk will give you a unique ability. Some perks will help you with Extra Ammo, increase your speed, or the weightless guns… Good luck and have fun!

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked:

Do you want to play Gun Mayhem 2 at school? If so, is the right place for you. Here, you have a great time playing Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked. don’t block anything and you can play all games for free. We have prepared a friendly user interface for you. Just give it a try!

How to play:     

- 1 Player: Use arrow keys to move, Z to shoot, and X to throw your TNT.

- 2 Player:

  • To move: Player 1 use arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD.
  • To throw TNT: Player 1 use X and Player 2 use Y.
  • To shoot: Player 1 use Z and Player 2 use T.

Gun Mayhem 2 - How to play

Control of Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Fight near positions where power-ups will appear to get them as soon as possible.
  • Use TNT at a distance to defeat many enemies at once.
  • Read and understand the characteristics of each gun to have appropriate tactics. If you like sniper rifles, choose a safe location away from the enemy.
  • Double jump is an impressive technique and you should use it to evade enemy attacks. If you use this skill effectively, then no one can push you into the abyss.
  • When you are in low HP, find HP Kits to recover.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat?

There will be no perfect way to end matches with an absolute victory. The most important thing is that you must know the strengths of your weapons. If you choose a rifle, think about the strategies around it. You can approach enemies and fight at close range to maximize the damage of the gun. If you choose a sniper gun, stand in a safe position and shoot at an enemy from a long distance. The combination of tactics and weapons will give you an advantage in the game. Don't forget to collect power-ups on the map!

How to shoot?

The first player use Z, and the second player use T to shoot. However, you need a gun to attack.

Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough