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About game:

Grey is the best adventure game, which has won the Game of 2011, and the father of this game is kevindoesart. This game possesses melodious and chills piano soundtrack, which makes you extremely excited and easy to play. In addition, the game has high graphics, simple gameplay that anyone can play. You can play this game on all browsers, anywhere at any time.

This game tells you the story of a boy who wants to make friends with a girl, that boy has to collect lost items and bring them back to the girl. Each item that the boy brings will make the world more colorful. For example, green will be the color of the grass, green will be the color of the sky. You are that boy and you won't be able to easily find those items because the world around you is vast, which makes you can get lost in that world.

Grey Unblocked:

Grey Unblocked is a pretty adventure game to play when you are stressed. You can play this game at and it is completely free for you to play. Come here and enjoy your free time!

How to play:

Use Arrow Keys to move.

Press A/D/S/W to move.

Grey - How to play

Control of Grey

Tips and tricks:

You have to follow the color arrows to find more items.

When they found items, let pay attention to the white arrow to return.