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Gravity Guy


Gravity Guy, created by MiniClip, is one of the best platform games of all time. This game tests your reflexes and eye-and-hand coordination. In this game, you'll be against the force of gravity, running on whatever platform you like. But be careful, don't fall down, or fly up, to your inevitable death. Enjoy the endless race!

About the game:

Gravity Guy is a classic platform game developed by MiniClip and is one of the most famous MiniClip games ever since. In this game, your reflexes will be tested through a series of platforms. Your character has long been kept in a dark cell, and he somehow managed to break out. You then will have to control him running away from some alien enemies. They have laser guns and look kind of dreadful so you'll never want to return or stop. So, I'll say your main goal in this game is to avoid getting caught.

But, the unique thing here is, you'll not be running in any typical race. You will be running against the gravity force. With the help of special pieces of equipment, you can reverse the gravity in one click. And the terrain is bizarre, too: many areas will block you, and you'll be immediately caught; many vacancies will lead you straight to your pathetic death. Hence, you'll have to switch from up to down excessively, trying to avoid any traps and obstacles.

You'll have to always watch out for the area ahead and consider your next moves. The game will do the running for you, so your only job is switching the gravity button. Remember that you'll be running in the inverted gravity, so make moves considering that. Moreover, time is also something to pay attention to.

There will be times when the platforms become really narrow, or the times when you have only one door to get through the next stage. That's where you extremely need precise decisions. You know, sometimes, whether it's a second early or a second late, it's going to lead you straight to your death. So, stay focus!

On your way, you'll see many long, bright lines. Chill, they are harmless, you're safe passing them. In fact, they're checkpoints that you make during your progress. So, when you, unfortunately, die somewhere on the track, you can respawn at the last checkpoint and continue playing.

One of the features that I love about Gravity Guy is its Multiplayer. In this mode, I can play with up to three players, using only one computer. The game goes just the same, except the fact that whoever runs slow will be left behind and hence, is out of the game. I usually invite my best buddies to my house to play games, but the thing is, many games don't have this multiplayer mode, so sometimes some of us have to be the observers, which does not sound very enticing. But with Gravity Guy, no one in our group is left out; we can all gather together and have fun!

Multiplayer mode in Gravity Guy

Multiplayer mode in Gravity Guy

We play Gravity Guy so many times that we are all masters of this game now. Whoever stays longest in the race has a really close win, so we can never tell who will win the next round, and the game keeps on being full of the unexpected! Besides, you can choose to play online with random players and compete with full-strength! Let's go for that first place!

Well, you might be wondering why in the multiplayer mode, although the computer does the running for all players and the speed is the same, there will always be some players who go further than the others. If you notice well enough, when you invert gravity force, your path is going to be lengthened.  Which means, when you change from the top platform to the bottom platform, it takes a lot more time than changing from two platforms standing next to each other.

So, I have two amazing tactics just for you. And these tactics will come in handy a lot in multiplayer mode, where you compete for the first place, and in the single player mode, where you want to make some time record. Firstly, don't switch gravity if you don't need to. It'll just waste your time. Secondly, try to switch to the nearest platforms possible. I know thinking about all of this while you're in the race is really difficult, but try to remember my tips, and you'll know it's worthy!

Gravity Guy is a fascinating pixelated game with ultra-cool character designs. I'm sure anyone would fall for the retro look of this game. Moreover, the background music is amazing, too. If you're bored with the old fashioned gameplay, give this one a try! Trust me, and you won't have to regret.

If you like this game, I bet you'd also love its sequel: Gravity Guy 2! This sequel has quite different gameplay, but still, you'll be playing with platforms and gravity again. In this game, you'd make the character jump on platforms and the perfect height and time is the key.

Gravity Guy 2 has better graphics and some update feature that its prequel doesn't have. For instance, in this second installment, you can customize your character, go to the store and buy him upgrades! Let's go and seek for more adventures and have more fun running against the law of gravity!

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How to play:

  • The game control keys of this game are really simple. You only need one key to control your character through the whole way. Use the left mouse button to reverse the gravity!
  • When you are playing in local multiplayer mode, there'll be certain keys on the keyboard for other players. Don't worry, there'll always be enough place for all!

Tips and tricks:

  • Observe what lies ahead and make decisions before switching gravity. But still, at the same time, you'll have to be quick enough.
  • Some obstacles'll stop you from running and you'll get caught immediately. Try to avoid those!
  • Once in a while, you'll see a long, bright line. It indicates respawning checkpoints, so it's safe to pass through. When you die at some points of the game, you can always reappear at the nearest respawning checkpoint.

Gravity Guy Walkthrough