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Going Up

About this game:

If you ever experienced games like Doodle Jump, you will know about the cool game Going Up. It is a classic game in the type of platform, made by CrazyMonkeyGames. With the casual main theme, your role in this game is to control the red ball – which sticks with the blue one by a thin rope. The blue ball has 3 balloons, which can take it higher.

During the game, there are many platforms for the red ball to jump on, in order to catch up with the blue. You can use the red one to control the blue one’s position while going up to avoid its balloons being hit by spears.

As you go higher, the platform will move much faster, so will your red ball, which made it hard to control. You will have 3 lives for your red ball – in case it hit the ground, and 3 lives for the blue one. Have fun with Going Up!

Going Up Unblocked:

Anytime you want, and anywhere you need, you can still find and play Going Up Unblocked online through our website Our site is free of charge and has various types of game you would like to try.

How to play:

Use left and right arrows to move, up arrow to jump, and space to pull the blue ball.

Going Up - How to play

Control of Going Up

Tips and Tricks:

By holding space, you and help your blue ball from being hit by spears, but it won’t slow the game’s screen speed.

At the beginning, most spears won’t appear in the middle of the frame, so relax and try to control your red ball instead.