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Give Up Robot


Welcome to Give Up Robot which is developed by Matt Thorson and published by Adult Swim Games. This is an exciting action and fast-paced video game about controlling a robot. This is a special robot because it can move, jump, and perform some other interesting skills. Your mission in this game is to help the robot overcome the challenges in each level and run to the destination safely.

About Give Up Robot:

Matt Thorson created Give Up Robot as a free flash action video game with simple but challenging gameplay. In this game, you have a total of 50 hard levels to conquer! Of course, each level will have different terrain and they are difficult, very difficult to overcome. When the game starts, you will be impressed by the robot's voice and the graphics that the game offers. It is a simple 2D graphics and you will feel it is quite similar to Mario, although it has many different colors. You will be guided by Tutorial. You can move, jump, and launch a rope. The rope is the key to completing the levels in this game.

The game’s gameplay is quite simple: you just need to move to the target position to complete the level. Along the way, you will have to overcome spikes, lava paths, or abyss ... When you meet a high wall, you can hold the jump key when jumping for the maximum height. However, if you cannot overcome it with the maximum height, you will need a rope. This is the most useful skill of the robot. However, it is a complex and not easy to master skill. You will have to spend a lot of time practicing this skill. I have used about 30 minutes to practice with the rope but I still cannot fully control it.

To control the rope, you need to know how it works. First, you will need a fulcrum. You will release the rope to the fulcrum and you can now swing to fly to the position you want. Note that you can jump when you are swinging. Second, you can climb up or climb down when you are swinging on a rope. This helps you control the distance between you and the fulcrum (based on the length of the rope). For example, when you want to jump to a far location, you need to stretch the rope so you can jump further. Remember that you can only hook the rope to a flat wall. Do you remember that I mentioned lava roads and spikes? You can also hook the rope on them but you must not touch them. You must also pay attention to the movement of the robot as it is swinging on the rope. If you want to jump to the right, you have to wait until the robot swings to the right. In Give Up Robot, you only have 1 life and if you die, the game will end.

I say you can stretch the rope, but it still has a limit. So in some difficult situations (at high levels) you have to hook it into a fulcrum, swing and jump, and continue to hook the rope to another fulcrum while you are flying. To pass an obstacle, you need to pay attention to gravity and timing factors. Look at the name of the game and you know that it will cause you to give up. In fact, the challenges will become harder and harder during the game’s 50 levels. You need to do your best to beat a level in this amazing online game. I still can't reach the final level because this game is too hard, but i think you can conquer it. I am very curious about the terrain as well as the obstacles that will appear at this final level! And please let me know about the ending of this game.

If you are stuck in a certain level of Give Up Robot, please view its video walkthrough. You can also try the full screen mode for a full gaming experience. After completing every 10 levels, you will have points. Your score will be based on the time that you beat all these 10 levels. Note that you need to have reflexes in time because some in-game objects will move when you hook the rope to them. Or when you jump on a brick, it will move like an elevator. Maybe you will die the first time you come in contact with these obstacles. But don't worry too much, you can try again.

If you are an excellent player and you have completed all 50 levels in this game. You can try yourself with the Hard Mode. Actually, Give Up Robot has 2 modes: Normal and Hard. You have just experienced the Normal mode with the challenges you have conquered. But with the Hard Mode, I think it's really a nightmare with unbelievable and impossible obstacles. I never knew which of my friends could complete this mode! Good luck and have fun!

Give Up Robot Unblocked:

Are you looking for Give Up Robot Unblocked? If so, just come to and this game is yours. This is a useful website for those who love unblocked games. Here, you can play Give Up, Unblocked Robot for free with a friendly interface. We do not block anything and you can access from any location, from hospital, school, to the airport... Just give it a try!

How to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move your robot, X or up arrow keys to make it jump, and Z or A keys to throw the hook.

Give Up Robot - How to play

Control of Give Up Robot Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • For serrated wheels, they will make you spin if you hook the rope on them.
  • You can launch ropes on lava roads to move forward.
  • You can jump while swinging on the rope, and can release the rope to another fulcrum when you are flying.
  • Your rope can touch obstacles but you can’t. Therefore, you can extend the rope to overcome an obstacle (the obstacle will be between you and the fulcrum of the rope).
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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to beat?

First, you must carefully observe the terrain in the level. Next, you need to hook the rope to the position you want to swing. And you have to timing accurately when jumping to fly to the target position. There is no other way to complete the levels in this game. You can only rely on your rope and reflex skills. The target position will be on the right side of the game screen.

  • How many levels are there?

There are a total of 50 levels and 2 modes in this game. The difficulty will increase gradually. And if you're a newbie, try the Normal Mode.

  • How to turn off the sound?

On the Menu screen, you can go to Options to turn off the sound. This is the only way!

Give Up Robot Walkthrough