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Give Up 2

About game:

Give Up 2 is the second installment within the series Give Up. In this video game, your mission is controlling the Stickman and make his way through thousands of deadly obstacles. To make the game more thrilling, the developer brings in bunches of spikes. One you touch these spikes, you will kill the Stickman. You must be bored with the regular Platform video games you see all over the Internet these days. If you are about to lose the passion for Platform video games, let us light up your sense with this incredible video game Give Up 2. Unlike any other video game that encourages you while you are trying to achieve big things, Give Up 2 convinces you to Give Up.

As you can see in the bottom of the screen, there is a big blue button with the term “Give Up” written on it. Just imagine when you failed one mission from time to time, and then you were offered a chance to run away from the difficulties that you were facing, what would you do? Give Up 2 tests your limitation, as well as your sense. Even when the game’s title encourages you to lose the game on purpose, you must fight back your lousy habit by battling until your last breath. Good luck with your Adventure in Give Up 2. Now let’s have some fun with this game now!

Give Up 2 Unblocked:

If we tell you that you can keep on with your fantastic journey in Give Up 2 Unblocked without limitations of a bad connection, location block, etc., how excited will you feel? Your dream of playing Give Up 2 Unblocked has now come true, since you can play this cool video game at The site won’t charge you anything, as the content you approach on is entirely free! Check it out!

When mentioning the best flash games of all time, Give Up 2 is the name that people think of most beside other prominent names like Rogue Soul or Strikeforce Kitty 2.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons) to control the Stickman.

Double press the Up button to Jump higher.

Give Up 2 - How to play

Control of Give Up 2

Tips and tricks:

  1. Watch the walkthrough video if you need to.
  2. You can pause the game anytime to save time and figure out the method to surpass the current level.

Give Up 2 Walkthrough