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Give Up


Are you looking for an intelligent platform game? Try out Give up online game and I think it never lets you down. This game is developed by author Andrey Kovalishin and published by Hunter Hamster Studio. In this cool video game, your main mission is to control the character to surpass all the ordeals of each room. Just give it a try!

About Give Up game:

The Give Up game is created for people of all ages to play for free. In order to enter the world of challenges, you need to turn on the flash mode on your device. The purpose of this game is to help gamers have good reflexes skills and relaxing time. If you want to win the game and become the most intelligent person, you should make a wise plan after looking around carefully to act at the appropriate time and walkthrough all the objectives.

After clicking playing, you can see a blue guy standing in front of the door. He is your character and you need to take control of him to overcome all the traps and dangerous objects on the screen. The boy can jump and run back and ward.

There are plenty of levels for you to conquer. Each level is corresponding to one floor. You can see 2 doors on each floor. You come in from one door and come out at another door. If you can cross all the barriers on your way and reach the exit door, another floor welcome you. The difficulty is becoming higher and higher from each level.

For instance, in level 1, the entrance is on a suspended space, you go from there, then jump down on the ground and jump up to another space which includes the exit way. From level 2, you get many objects on the way. Many high platforms appear to prevent you from running to the goal. These platforms have a different appearance and are made from different amounts of squares.

Try to jump over it and you can jump twice to overcome the higher platform. Sometimes, you need to jump from one platform to another one and don’t let yourself fall down on the land or you can’t reach the top of the high platform and continue the race.

Then, on many levels, the red spaces appear on the sky and they can disappear any time, so you need to account the right time to jump in order not to fall down. There is something more dangerous, so many thorns on the ground can kill you immediately if you touch them, and then, obviously, you die. From level 11, there are many ball shooting machines above that shoot so many bubbles to attack you, be careful to avoid all the balls to protect yourself. Otherwise, you will lose your life.

From level 21, the laze guns appear to threaten you and slay you. You will be destroyed if the laze touch you. The number of laze guns is also increasing from level to level. Thus, it’s difficult for you to do your job. Concentrate and jump to the right position to avoid all the danger.

When you go further, you will meet a range of moving gears from level 26. When you touch one of the dangerous items on the screen of this one of the video games, you will lose one life. The times of death are counting on the right corner of the bottom of the screen. Besides, the game will count the time you play. If you can go through a large number of levels in the shortest time with the least times of death, you are the strongest gamer.

You can see the line of percentage you go through on the bottom. I dare you full fill this bar! When you reach 100 percentage, congratulation, you have no competitor. After each time you die, you will restart from this level and don’t have to go to the first point. However, once you feel extremely hard, click the huge blue “GIVE UP” button that looms beneath the level as you play to surrender and play again from the beginning. All your scores and rewards are deleted and come to zero.

There may be the words on the screen to encourage you to just give up. However, you will feel really regret if you choose to give up. Think about the images when you get the victory to make your best effort to continue the race.

The game gives you unlimited numbers of lives, and you only stop when you decide to give up. After each time you fail, the remains of your character are scattered onto the screen as a grim reminder of your poor skills. You can practice your reflexes skills to progress from level to level and win the game. The obstacles and killing machines are in everywhere to demolish you, pay high attention to each step to prevent yourself from falling to traps or being attacked by the dangerous enemies.

There is advice that you should turn on the music to have the best gaming experience. It will be more dramatic and palpitating. Music is also diverse and it allows you to immerse yourself in a real fight. Can you become the strongest fighter? Let’s show me the best result!

Give Up Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use A key or left arrow to go to the left.
  • Use D key or right arrow to go to the right.
  • Use W key or up arrow to jump.

Give Up - How to play

Control of Give Up Unblocked

Tip and tricks:

  • Click the “GIVE UP” button when you want to give up.
  • Click “mute” to turn off the music.
  • Click W key or press arrow twice if you want to jump higher.
  • Click “walkthrough” when you want to see the construction.

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Some frequently asked questions:

  • How to beat give up game?

When you see a high platform, you should jump twice to land on the top of it. Besides, you should jump from a high platform to another one and try not to fall down when you see plenty of high objects. Otherwise, you can reach another and be in the ground forever.

  • How to pause?

Click the “Pause” button on the bottom of the screen if you want to pause the game for a while and then press “P” when you want to continue.

Give Up Walkthrough