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G Switch 2

About game:

G-Switch 2 is a Platform, Running and Fast-paced video game. The game opens a cool world of Runners from the futuristic world. As you can see, the game world of G-Switch 2 is an upgraded world from G-Switch 1, the original version of the game.

In G-Switch 1, most of which the protagonist goes through is flat, straight and you can hardly see any curvy surface such as a twisted or round-shaped road. The game has finally changed with G-Switch 2, as the problems that the player has to face up is now even more challenging. The protagonist of G-Switch 2 is able to switch the gravity, as when you want him to run on the ceiling, he will give your order a go.

G-Switch 2 is honestly one of the most outstanding video games you have ever seen. Even when you have to deal with the speedy gameplay and rough obstacles, the game will keep you playing it nonstop. You will start the game with simple elements such as avoiding obstacles and switch the gravity as usual, but right after that, the rest of the challenges in the game is waiting for you ahead. Do you feel like playing G-Switch 2 now? Let’s get to it now!

G-Switch 2 Unblocked:

G-Switch 2 Unblocked is now at, where it is the family to tons of other Unblocked video games. Do you want to take the barrier that limits your gaming experience for such a long time ever since you started to know about the community of online gaming? You can trust to help you have fun and enjoyable moments in life.

How to play:

Press any button to start with the gameplay of G-Switch 2.

G Switch 2 - How to play

Control of G Switch 2

Tips and tricks:

You can fall off the abyss, but also can throw yourself up in the sky. Both of those actions can ultimately bring your game to an end.

Invite your friends to come and play in the Multiplayer mode, and the game will be even more fun!

G-Switch 2 is really an awesome game and along with Tunnel Rush and G-Switch 3, they've created the most addictive action games on Hudgames.

G Switch 2 Walkthrough