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Frog Jump

About game:

Frog Jump is one of the simplest video games you have ever played! This Platform, Jump and Frog video game only requires you to make a baby frog jump up to the higher grounds. That mission sounds like a really easy one but wait, the grounds you have to make up to are moving continuously. You will get to see that with Frog Jump, making a simple jump has never been more difficult. If you fail to jump perfectly, your Frog will lose one life to the game. After losing all three lives, you will not be able to continue with playing, as your game is over.

At the beginning of the game, before you get to earn 300 points, Frog Jump allows you to catch up with what you need to do. After you reach 300 points, the real game begins. Even when Frog Jump’s challenges seem a bit more complicated than we used to think, we cannot put this video game down. The game has us being attracted to it quickly, as we will stick with it until we finally achieve the number of points that break our record.

You will love to discover everything in the game as you progress. The music in this video game is quite relaxing for you, and you can enjoy the game environment while you are playing through Frog Jump. Have fun with this incredible video game now!

Frog Jump Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse cursor to make your Frog jump.

Frog Jump - How to play

Control of Frog Jump

Tips and tricks:

You should only make a move when you think that you are not going to fail.
If you need to watch a walkthrough video to make you feel more comfortable, do it!

When mentioning the best flash games of all time, Frog jump is the name that people think of most beside other prominent names like Cops and RobbersTreasure Hunter or Trap Adventure 2 .

Frog Jump Walkthrough