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Frog Dares

About the game:

Frog Dares, created by ToffeeGames, is an adventure platform game with satisfying animations and well-thought storyline. In this game, you're a frog that is trying to reclaim the kingdom of frogs from nasty bug enemies. You'll have to get through numerous insects, water creatures to get to the final boulder which you will have to sit on to exit the area. Besides, you can even win trophies for achievements throughout the game, and keep discovering maps after maps.

The further you go, the harder the game becomes. Not only that, you only have a limited amount of lives in each round, so remain alive and avoid or defeat enemies is your top priority. Obtaining coins, jewels and uncovering secrets is one of your side missions so that you can save frog kingdom from ultimate demolition. Keep playing until you have discovered every round there are and regain frog kingdom from destruction.

Frog Dares a well-designed game for fun and fulfilling game experiences, and you can have plenty of time to finish it. Try Frog Dares now!

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How to play:

  • Use arrow keys to move your frog character
  • Use either "X" key or Control key to use the tongue

Frog Dares - how to play

Control of Frog Dares

Tips and tricks:

  • Use the frog' tongue to devour your bug enemies
  • Floating bubbles can help you to go higher in certain rounds
  • Touching insect will make your health bar decrease, but you can always obtain additional health throughout the game

Frog Dares is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with FixationEvade and The Choice.

Frog Dares Walkthrough