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Fly Me To The Moon


Fly me to the moon is an action, platform, flying game for players who love adventure. Since you love adventure in games, you will play this game immediately. The Fly me to the moon was created by CCCP and published in 2009. So far, with no less than 200.000 plays from people all around the world, the game has been very popular because it has extremely unique gameplay.

About the game:

Have you ever played some games like On More Line on your phone? Do you love it since the game’s screen and play is really simple? If the answer is Yes, you will feel interesting by playing the game Fly me to the moon. In this game, you are Jean Claude – a special species of mouse – and when you go on the stage, you are the Super Mouse.

Why did I use “the stage” but not “the adventure”? As you can see in the game’s screen, this feels like Jean Claude is having a performance in one kind of wall climbing, in front of many other mouse. As you left-click on the red button – or maybe the red spring – your character will be pushed up from the stage, and start his way to the final goal: the cheese planet.

Why did they choose a mouse to be the main character, but not something else? First of all, let’s search for the ability of a mouse. It is normal for a mouse to jump even 10 times higher than its own height. Moreover, the body of a mouse itself is pretty light, allows it to be pushed harder. These two benefits make it the best reason for choosing a mouse as the character of this game.

Have you ever wondered why they chose the cheese planet to be the goal in this game? Well, let’s spend some time, think about your childhoods. In that period of time, had you ever watched the cartoon, with two main characters: a blue cat, and a brown mouse? Yes, it is “Tom & Jerry” - a legendary cartoon for everyone. Do you remember, in one episode, Jerry had his own palace inside a large cheese tower? Mouse always comes with cheese; this seems to be a motive that can never change. So, the reason why “cheese” is the goal in this game is quite understandable.

Are you aware of the column at the left side of the screen? You can easily tell that it is like a type of measuring machine. For what? It is for the wheeling of those round “planets” or platforms that you have to jump on, in order to get higher. Since you are on one of those, all of them started rolling, in a direction that depends on how and where in the “planet” that you landed. The longer time you spend standing on these, the higher the liquid in the left-side column rises. Once it reaches the top, your game is over. But don’t worry, everything you need to care for is to reach the top as soon as possible, because, after each stage, the level of the liquid will decrease.

One more thing that you need to pay much attention to are points or score, with the form of colorful “stars”. The more you collect them, the higher your score. And there is also a timer at the middle, bottom side of the screen. Your score also depends on the time you need to reach the end of the stage.

Not similar as many games of this type, your super mouse can’t travel forever in a straight line, because in this game, they have added a point of incidence – which made it harder for you to “jump” so high as it decreases your speed once you go higher up without touching any platform. Your mission is to move quickly through many planets to reach the moon, which is not as easy as you think because the planets rotate very fast.

As the game goes on, in a higher level, the momentum of these “planet” will get faster – which also means if you spend just a little time chilling on them, the liquid in the left column will raise more, and you will soon see the “Game over” in your screen. The thing that is most interesting in this game is that you have to calculate carefully, but in a very short period of time, whether jump or not. Just a single mistake can ruin your game so brutally.

The game’s music has extremely attractive, making the player feel anxious, which is the attraction of this game. Besides, the game also owns a nice graphics. Since you are familiar with online games in the period of time between 2003 – 2008, you will agree with me that this game is a well-created one. The first time I came across this game is a summer day in 2009. At that time, games like this are very popular, so I tried some.

But in my opinion, this game is one of the most addicting games for me and my friends. You can imagine a bunch of boys surrounded a single laptop, anyone wanted to play, but had to wait for their turn. It was fun when we could spend time together in one’s place, yell together, play together. Even today, when everyone has their own PC or laptop, spend some time to go back to the past, play this game can still bring back to me those happy memories. I think this game is a great choice when you have free time. Have fun!

Fly me to the moon unblocked:

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How to play:

You can use the Space Bar or left-click to help Super Mouse fly.

Tips and tricks:

  • Avoid jumping into the wall on either side, since you are unable to tell exactly where, and which direction that your character will be bounced and headed to.
  • When you stand on the planet, wait for the planet to turn left or right at a good direction (up) then you click/ press to jump.