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Flood Runner 4

About game:

Clockwork Monster Company released the cool platform game “Flood runner 4” after the success of three previous games. In this updated version, it has a lot of new features, for examples, more eye-catching graphics, and visual effects, more interesting challenges. The only thing you need to do is run, run and run. Because there is a huge flood is coming and it’s going to catch you up.

You also need to deal with monster and a giant T-rex along the way. Another hazard like spikes will hurt you and decrease your character’s health. You can land on banana peels or use launch pads to make a boost. Collecting coins on the way will increase your score multiplier, so you earn more coin with less effort. When gaining enough experience, you will level up and can unlock new items: dragons, panthers and more. There are 30 levels of upgrading. Can you overcome all of this and be the winner?

Flood Runner 4 Unblocked:

Flood Runner 4 Unblocked game runs very well on is the best website to play online flash game. Players can access from everywhere: in the office, at your home, library, hospital, etc and play without downloading.

How to play:

Use the mouse to navigate the character. Use left mouse button to interact/select game options and WASD/ Arrow keys to move.

Flood Runner 4 - how to play

Control of Flood Runner 4

Tips and trick:

  • You can go through some enemies by leaping on them.
  • To get a full explanation of the abilities, mouse over your character and click on “My stats” option.

Flood Runner 4 Walkthrough