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Flood Runner 2

About this game:

If you are a big fan of endless running platform games like Subway Surfers, if you love platform games such as Super Mario, why won’t you try Flood Runner 2? This game is the combination of these two types – endless running and platform game.

In this game, you can choose between 2 characters the evil, and the rabbit, the same comes from the colours of the flood – with 3 colours: green, blue, or red. Your character is running away from the biggest flood ever seen, with its waves higher than even the game screen! With the speed of the flood and your character keeps increasing, you can feel your heart beats faster and faster!

This game can bring you a throb, which will grow as long as the game goes on. You have to use everything you have: the ability to double-jump, your wings, and the surfboard to survive as long as possible.

Flood Runner 2 Unblocked:

With, you can play thousands of games online with hardly any lag, and for free. One of them is Flood Runner 2 Unblocked – a pretty good endless running game that you can find on this website.

How to play:

You can use Space or left-click to jump, hold to use wings, and double-tap/ click to perform double-jump.

Flood Runner 2 - how to play

Control of Flood Runner 2

Tips and tricks:

  • Jump at the top of the green slope will help you run faster in a short while.
  • Concentrate on the timing! Or you will never get the high score in this game.

Flood Runner 2 Walkthrough