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About the game:

Flea is a cool platform game with simple graphics and the details of the game are drawn with simple strokes, which will make you feel close when playing this game. In addition, Flea has exciting and inspiring soundtracks that you will feel more excited when playing it.

In this game, you control a black dot, and your mission is very simple that you have to control skillfully the black dot overcomes obstacles and reach the finish box to pass the level. Although the task is simple, the obstacles are not simple, which are giant thorns that block your path.

The thorns are not moving, but your path is not easy, which are very twisted, you will have to be very careful to cross those paths so that you will not be touched on the thorns on the path. During your journey, you will also have to collect coins for you to be rewarded after each level.

Flea Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the Arrow keys to move 
  • Press the Space to jump.
  • Press Arrow Up to go to the next level.

Flea - How to play

Control of Flea

Tips and tricks:

  • Hold Spacebar to fly longer
  • You can just fly to the right by alternating between the Space bar and the arrow right