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Fixation is a great platform game, that will make you feel excited when playing it. This game is created with the most advanced technologies. Therefore, this game can run smoothly on all modern browsers. Just give it a try at!

 About the game:

- The story of the game:

Fixation Unblocked will tell you a story about the journey to find a lost boyfriend of a girl. This game begins when the girl wakes up and meets a psychologist and the journey begins when their conversation ends. During the journey, the girl met many different people and different challenges. This young girl has a unique ability to blow smoke, jump high and have a very troublesome mentality and sometimes that girl talks to you. All of which makes the game unique, and makes you feel extremely excited.

Fixation Game

Fixation Game

- Gameplay:

Fixation Unblocked has very interesting and unique gameplay. The more you play this game, the more you feel excited and punched in the game world. In addition, this game is not only a casual platform game, but it is also an extremely entertaining game. You just need to control the character to move to overcome challenges, which will help you to be less stressed and happy.

- Graphics:

This game possesses beautiful Pixel graphics with true colors. Besides, the details of the character are also made very meticulously and skillfully, which will make you feel more excited when playing this game. The contrast of colors in the game is very good, so the game displays very realistic characters. The walls, tables, and chairs, the characters in the play are all made very smooth and lively, very much like the real thing. However, with an 8-byte pixel graphics background, it reduced the game's distinctive features. But in return, the pixel graphics background has created the uniqueness of this game. I am sure you will love this game right away when you play it for the first time.

 - Soundtracks:

If you are an introvert, you will not be able to break through this game. Because this game has a very gloomy and sad soundtrack. Ever since entering the game, you will feel the gloomy atmosphere revolving around you. In addition, throughout the journey in the game, you will feel even more frightened and thrilled. It can be said that the soundtrack of this game has contributed significantly to the success of the game.

- The interesting challenges:

Fixation Unblocked has fun and simple challenges. However, you must try hard to overcome those challenges. The challenges of this game include large walls, laser beams, sturdy concrete blocks, etc. To overcome them, you are not only clever, but you are also brainstorming a lot. Also, these exciting challenges not only entertain you after hours of stressful work but also help you improve your dexterity and brainstorming.

- The rule of the game:

This game has a simple game rule, you go through challenges to move on to the next round. Although the rules are simple, you only have one life in each round. If you fall into the abyss or touch the laser, you will die and that round will be reset.

- Things in the game:

The Girl: The girl's name is Kathryn, the girl has a special ability to blow out smoke and jump very high. In addition, Kathryn has autism and she is receiving treatment.

Kathrynn's friend: the name of this girl is Penelope, who is locked in a room of the game. When Kathryn came and met Penelope, the two talked to each other. Finally, Penelope led Kathryn to find the truth of the mysterious house.

The Walls: they are very high and dangerous. There are two types of walls, they are high walls to prevent you and the wall has deep pools behind it. You must be careful to overcome them or you will die.

The laser beams: they are very dangerous because they will kill you immediately. In this game, there are two types of laser beams: fixed laser beam and moving laser beam. You will easily pass the fixed laser beam. On the contrary, moving lasers will be difficult to overcome. You have to be clever and careful, otherwise, you will die.

The concrete blocks: they are your port objects but are easy to overcome. Concrete blocks have a switch near them. If you watch carefully, you will see those switches. However, the distance between these concrete blocks and their switches is also quite far away. So you have to use Kathryn's ability to turn on and off the switch.

In addition, many things are waiting for you to discover in this game. Right now, come and experience this game.

- Describe the round:

The girl is the main character of this game, her ability is to be able to blow smoke, jump high and talk to herself in some way. Then she went into a maze-like building, where she felt extremely normal as if nothing strange happened. During her short journey, she met many of her friends and her acquaintances and continued to talk to them while on duty to take her to the other side of the building. Although the game seems boring, when you experience this game, you will be completely attracted to it.

This girl's ability to blow smoke can help disable fire alarms, causing concrete blocks to disappear or disappear in seconds. The girl's journey never ends and continues until she meets the last round. Probably part of the building is the final part of the game. But you will never know what happens unless you try, so go and play Fixation now!

Fixation Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the upper arrow key to jump, double-tap it to jump higher
  • Use the right and left arrow key to help your character move
  • Use left mouse click to release smoke, the direction of the mouse is also the protagonist head direction

Tips and tricks

  • Read your character dialogue and watch her interaction with people can be mildly interesting
  • Attention to details, this is a brain teaser game after all
  • When you control the girl to jump up, wait a moment then press the jump again as if you will jump higher

Fixation Walkthrough