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About the game:

Firebug is an adventure game created by the Thepodgegames developer. This game tells you a story about unfortunate Firebug. When he touches everything, they are burnt. Firebug game challenges your ingenuity and the gameplay of this game is quite interesting. Moreover, the game has high graphics quality and the soundtrack is very fun.

In this game, you are unlucky Firebug. Your mission is to overcome the burning things caused by you and reach the finish line. But you have to be quick because everything burns very quickly. If you don't pass everything in time, you will fall into the water.

You have to be very careful in every step, because you spread flames everywhere, which is difficult for you to move. In each round, there are many ways for you, so you have to think carefully before jumping and running. Try to collect JellyBean to get bonus points, which also help you purchase the skins and tile.

Firebug Unblocked:

Firebug Unblocked is a great adventure game. You can play this game at that completely free for you. This is a quality gaming site, which challenges you with numerous interesting and exciting game.

How to play:

Use Arrow Keys or press W/A/S/D to run and jump.

Firebug - How to play

Control of Firebug

Tips and tricks:

When you cannot pass that round, press N

Take advantage of the terrain to get through everything quickly

Firebug Walkthrough