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Fireboy and Watergirl


Welcome to FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL (Full name: fireboyand watergirl in the forest temple) which is developed by Oslo Albet. This is an interesting strategy and puzzle arcade video game about controlling the cute two characters: Fireboy and Watergirl.

This game was first released on September 28, 2010 for browser platforms and mobile devices. This is the first part of the FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL game series, one of the most fun and popular "games for free" for kids. There are a total of 6 games in this series and it helps you find joy after stressful working hours. Your mission in these games is to help fireboy and watergirl collect diamonds in the map then go to the exit door safely. However, dangerous obstacles as well as complex terrain in each map will be a difficult challenge for you!

About game:

First, I would like to introduce a little bit about the Fireboy and Watergirl platform game series. Talking about Watergirl and Fireboy, we don't know about their age but we know that Watergirl is female and Fireboy is male. They are not human, and they have special abilities. Watergirl is made from water, she can touch the water and she is afraid of fire. Fireboy is made from fire, he can touch fire and he is very afraid of water. Fireboy and Watergirl have special relationships. They always appear together anytime and anywhere. They can touch each other. Maybe Fireboy and Watergirl are brothers, or maybe they are close friends.

In the first part FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL, our two main characters must cooperate to escape the temple. You can invite your friends and play together because it will be a lot more fun to play this game with a friend. The temple has many floors and each floor is a level. In each level, our boy and girl have to cross the fire and water paths, adjust the light with mirrors, and utilize laser beams to overcome complex terrain.

Although Fireboy is immune to fire, he will die when touching water. Watergirl can swim in the water but she will evaporate if she touches the fire. At each level, your goal is to go to the exit door safely after collecting the diamonds in the map. Fireboy is red and Watergirl is blue. Each character can collect diamonds with the same color. Although you can skip some diamonds in certain levels, they will be the main factor to decide your score.

The biggest challenge for you in FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL is terrain. You have to control two characters properly. You have to help them step up the buttons to activate the elevator, push the wooden crates, and open the switches. While a character opens the switch, the other character will go to the required location to create a new path to complete the level. In this temple, you will see prisms and mirrors. You must use them to direct the light to the designated points and change the ports of the doors. Besides, you must use the laser to melt the ice or use special light to solve the problem of water.

There are a total of three different endings for you in this online video game. The first ending is a nice ending, Fireboy and Watergirl will fall in love after escaping the temple. The second ending is a bad ending, Fireboy will eat Watergirl after they have used up the food in the temple. Later, Fireboy was obsessed with the bad thing he did. And we also have a secret ending. The Boss in this game is a witch. If you save the witch (you don't kill him) and meet certain conditions in each level, you will unblock Azerbaji Amulet of Power. And that will be a new adventure with the third character: Buster Ghost. Later, Buster Ghost will kill the witch and you will hear the voice of his sister – who is the Boss in the next season.

To complete a level in the game, you must control the characters wisely, move skillfully, help each other, and complete the mission-based strategies. You will also have to think carefully to find a way to collect all the diamonds in a map. I repeat once again, Fireboy can collect red diamond and he has to enter the red exit door. Watergirl will collect the blue diamond and she has to enter the blue exit door to go to the next level. Be careful with green or black puddles. You will die if you enter these puddles, whether you're controlling Watergirl or Fireboy.

There are a total of 32 levels with three different completion requirements. In the levels screen, you will see levels displayed by hexagonal diamonds, triangle diamonds, and pentagon diamonds. There are 17 hexagonal diamonds. Your task in these levels is to run to the exit door as quickly as possible (you can try to get all diamonds, but it is not a must). There are 6 pentagon diamonds. Your task in these levels is to run to the exit door as quickly as possible but you will face complicated terrain (you must control both characters at the same time). There are 9 triangular diamonds. In these levels, you must get the green diamond before you enter the exit door. Have fun!


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How to play:

  • You control Fireboy by using the arrow keys.
  • You control Watergirl by using W, A, S, D keys.

Fireboy and Watergirl - How to play

Control of Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Watergirl can't jump when walking on ice and Fireboy moves fast when walking on ice.
  • Notice the color of the crystal to know the ports of the doors.
  • You can play with 1 player. But I recommend playing with 2 players because it will be much more fun.
  • If you cannot pass a level in this game, use the video walkthrough assistance.
  • If you want a great gaming experience, play FIREBOY AND WATERGIRL UNBLOCKED in full screen mode.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

- How to beat?

Each level will have different tasks. If you play in levels of hexagonal diamonds and pentagonal diamonds, your task is to run to the exit door as quickly as possible. For the triangle diamond levels, you must get the green diamond before you enter the exit door. Of course, you can collect other diamonds in the map if you have enough time.

- When did fireboy and watergirl unblocked come out?

This game was first released on September 28, 2010.

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Fireboy and Watergirl Walkthrough