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Final Ninja Zero

About Final Ninja Zero:

Designed by Nitrome Games Limited and being published by Armor Games, the Final Ninja Zero video game is suitable for all ages. This action fighting game is a story about Takeshi, if you have already played the previous Final Ninja game then you will familiar with this guy. Final Ninja Zero takes place from the beginning of Takeshi’s life, 40 years before the Final Ninja event, when he just a fresh graduated from the Ninja Academy in the year 2028. His first mission was handed to him by Akuma, the supervisor at that time. During this year, there are many huge cooperations battling for markets across the planet Earth.

With more than 20 levels, players will explore the journey of our young Takeshi on his way to become the legendary Ninja Master. In order to archive that, Takeshi will need to eliminate Doctor Victor Boshi and his squad who are dominating the international… snack market. This might sound difficult but don’t worry, most of the time you will jump from platform to platforms, throwing a hook to swing and ninja stars to take down your enemies. Each time that you completed your mission, there will be rewards including Cash, Hunt, and Dodge bonuses to unlock more skills for Takeshi. Good luck!

Final Ninja Zero Unblocked:

There is a website called where you could play Final Ninja Zero Unblocked at any places and any time. contains a list of many cool unblocked games for you to explore in your free time, just make sure your device is connected to the internet and that’s all you need!

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How to play:

  •        For basic movements, use Arrow keys
  •       To attack your enemies with Ninja stars, click the left Mouse.
  •       Click and hold the left Mouse to throw the ninja hook to objects and use Arrow keys to swing to the desired platform.

Final Ninja Zero - How to play

Control of Final Ninja Zero

Tips and tricks:

Cash can be collected either passing throw them or by throwing Ninja stars into them.

Try to spend some time to explore the level by going below or climbing above, there are many hidden items waiting for you.

Final Ninja Zero is a good game to play and enjoy in free time. Besides that, you also can try other games such as Bob the Robber 5 Unblocked or Project GunGame. All of them are so great for relaxing.

Final Ninja Zero Walkthrough