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Final Ninja

About Final Ninja:

Published by Armor Games, the Final Ninja game is an awesome classic 2D action game that suitable for all ages. Our main character will be Takeshi, the last Ninja Master on Earth who has already retired for 10 years to find peace for his life. However, his old master Akuma didn’t want him to just end up his career like that, so he keeps sending assassins to find Takeshi and force him to come back to the Ninja world. After a few attempts from the assassins, Takeshi has decided to suit up and come for Akuma in order to end everything once and for all.

With 20 levels in total, there will be a lot of things for you to discover throughout each level, and the difficulty will be increased from time to time. Note that there is no enemy at the 01st level as this one is just an introductory level for you to get used to with the movements and also the in-game environment. By completing this first level, you will be surprised that Takeshi could perform a lot of movements from jumping to the wall and slide down, throwing ninja stars, to Jumping and shooting his hook to climb to higher platforms that out of reach. There is no limit with our Ninja Master! Have fun!

Final Ninja Unblocked:

Alongside with many great websites, there is another page that you could play Final Ninja Unblocked and it is called This website contains tons of interesting unblocked games for you to explore during your free time and any places that you prefer. What are you waiting for? Just come to and play Final Ninja Unblocked for free!

Next Season:

How to play:

  • Use Arrow keys for basic movements. Combine Up arrow key with Left/ Right arrow key to jump. Press the Up-arrow key once for normal jump, press and hold the Up-arrow key for a higher jump.
  • Click the left Mouse to throw Ninja Stars to the enemies.
  • Click and hold the left Mouse to throw the ninja hook to objects if you need to climb higher.

Final Ninja - How to play

Control of Final Ninja

Tips and tricks:

  • Collecting in-game items by going through them or just simply throw your ninja star to them to collect faster (in case they are out of your reach).
  • Don’t always follow the in-game Arrows direction, try to explore the environment around you, there are many secret platforms with a lot of money waiting for you to collect.

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Final Ninja Walkthrough