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Feed Me

About the game:

Feed Me is a very unique platform game that will make you feel excited when playing it. This game is extremely simple gameplay that you just need to control your mouse and eat the insects. Although Feed Me has simple gameplay, it requires you to be skillful. However, the more the levels go through, the more difficult it is increased.    

In this game, you are a carnivorous plant. Your mission is to eat insects so that your neck is longer and overcome obstacles with your long neck. Obstacles are thorns, fierce insects, which will hurt you if you touch them.

However, for angry insects, you can eat them before they attack you. In addition to the obstacles there are watering cans, they will help you get more energy. After each level, you will get bonus stats such as Time bonus, energy bonus, bonus stock, watering cans bonus.

Feed Me Unblocked:

Feed Me Unblocked is a very great game to play with friends or colleagues. If you are having trouble playing with them at school or in the office, let’s try to play this game at as an alternative option. Play now!!!!

How to play:

  • Move the mouse to aim
  • Use the left mouse to eat

Feed Me - How to play

Control of Feed Me

Tips and tricks:

  • Before you cling to the walls, measure first and stick
  • You can eat bees at a distance

Feed Me Walkthrough