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Fault line

About the game:

Fault line is a manipulation, thinking, and strategy game, developed by Nitrome. Your character is lost in a secret base where modern and advanced electrical equipment is located. You will have to control it to pass through the doors, the journeys in the game. On the way, there will be electrical landmarks to connect with. For every 2 monuments that are related, the path in those 2 locations will be combined into 1 to make way for you to go.

When the terrain changes, you have to think about how to open the next road to pass. When pressing the connected electrical mold, the path will be saved and returned to the original position. Besides, there are also movable staircases, and you need to meet the safe place not to fall. You must not fall into electrical equipment. Otherwise, you will die. There are a total of 30 levels to pass.

Fault line Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Pressing the arrow keys to move
  • Clicking and dragging the mouse to merge the electrical landmarks

Fault line - How to play

Control of Fault line

Tips and tricks:

  • Noticing the guide arrows on the screen, you will find a way to move
  • Selecting the appropriate vertical position when combining electrical landmarks to open the road

Fault line Walkthrough