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Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix

About the Game:

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix welcomes the fourth appearance of the beloved Fancy Pants Man in the quirky doodle universe. The game by Brad Borne is a remake of the original Fancy Pants Adventure in a completely new game engine for the Flash platform, with fluid animations, smoother gameplay and richer surroundings.

Depending on your speed and direction, each leap, slide or bounce will head you to any elevation. Airborne control is very tight and offers just a tiny bit of window for maneuver, so make whatever you have worth your while. The stylish level design, charming art style and immaculate physics will ensure one of the best platforming experiences on the web.

You can complete your journey; however, you want: blast your way to the exit, or meticulously collect all Squiggles and complete the bonus rooms. The only objective is to reach the finish line and defeat the big bad evil boss with whatever at your disposal.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Jump with S.
  • Pause with Space Bar.
  • Open doors by pressing Up.
  • Press A to use your secret weapon.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix - How to play

Control of Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix

Tips and tricks:

  • The world is rich and diverse, try searching remote corners for hidden loot.
  • Bonus doors require to pinpoint accuracy to hit the sweet spot.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed with momentum! If you don’t control your speed, the boss will have a guaranteed hit on you.

Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Remix Walkthrough