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Fancy Pants Adventure


Fancy Pants Adventure is a cool action – platform video game developed by Brad Borne. In this game, you have to control your character – the Fancy pants man – to run and jump to pass the level. This is a medium game, just required you to have a keyboard. You have to control character – the boy wears a pair of orange shorts – to run, jump, eat swirls to gain points and dodge or kill the monsters.

About the game:

You will have to go through each level to open the next door. There are a total of 3 levels. In each level, you will have 4 lives. When you meet spider monsters, you have to jump to their heads to kill them or jump over them, if you bump into them, you will lose turns, and when you lose 3 turns, 1 live is out.

Coming near the end of the door, there will be a guard mouse-like monster that carries a gun. You need to be extremely careful not to get hit and jump over them. You also need to eat enough specified swirls to reach the final door.

On the first level, when you reached the first jumping platform, try to control your character, make him reach the left platform, then run to the very end of it. After falling for a short period of time, you will find a door in the middle of the second platform, so go to it and press the Up arrow.

You will be teleported to a higher land, as you can see at your platform, there is an icy block floating in the air, it will give you a lot of swirls when you keep hitting it from below. If you continue to go to the left side, you will see a trophy, you can jump on it to acquire. The trophy is the latest design of sketch-michael’s creation, Stande. Following the designer’s comment: “The highly anticipated Stande: Adventure Mode isn’t dead, it’s just, er… sleeping…”

Continue your adventure, on the second slope, you will have to try your best calculating the right time to stop your character on the top of it. After gearing up, jump on the left platform (again), and the spring cushion will take you to the second hidden door. By entering it, you will see yourselves inside a small room full of swirls, and the door at the end of that room will help you to get out.

After a lot of jumping and running, again, on the left side, you will find a yellow mystic cotton box. By jumping on it, you will be led to another secret room, where you can find an orange orb – which allows you to perform Wall jump, follows with a letter from the designer, said: “I see you have found the Wall Jump Power Up I was saving for latter.” And there is also a guide to use the Wall jump: “When you hit a wall, press “Jump” again to spring off the wall”.

Of course, there is nothing for free, as you want to earn the Power Up, you have to try your best getting out of the room as quick as possible, while the black water doesn’t stop raising higher. Once you got out, you can use this skill the hole game, which gives you many advantages. At the end of the level, only one blockage you need to defeat is the mouse firing his gun, and then, you unlocked level 2!

At level 2, the first thing that welcomes you is the moving ice platform. Be careful, because once you are hit by it (between the wall and the platform), you will lose one-third of your health. The following is not very important, till you reach the second door, which will lead you to a jumping platform, made of many spring cushions. On top of these things is another trophy, describe a product of the second collaboration between the producer and “Sketch”: Snow Blitz saw a rocky beginning, but was re-released last Christmas with a newly designed menu system and most importantly, no bugs! Once you are out of the room, be aware of the spider because it will appear again!

The third hidden door will lead you to another jumping platform, made entirely of spiders. Notice: You can press Jump when you are on top of a spider to jump higher. You failed? Don’t worry, go to the Exit, and re-enter, you will find them as the first time – except those swirls that you have already collected are gone. I guess this stage is when you will die the most, since the jumping is so hard to control. Try spamming Jump! You will get 2 other trophies out of this level 2 stage: Rocky Pinnicle and Erik the Juiceman.

Level 3 in fancy pants adventure: world 1 will bring you a little more of anxiety because the slippery way of running made by the character made it more difficult to jump and stand precisely at these small, moving platform. You will find a “real” hidden way on the next stage, but it is hard to both describe and point out the exact position of it, so there is the tip: Look carefully on the ground, where there is a gap between the lines, there will be a way in.

In the room that you can enter through the hidden door, there are platforms that are marked by numbers, count from 3. Each time you jumped in; the number will decrease. Since the jumping platform is gone, you can collect the last trophy: the “Knight in Training”. Near the last of this level, you will see 3 weird bird-like dinosaurs flying toward you, but avoiding them is pretty easy. And the boss in this game – Angry Penguin – appears since you fall into its nest, while it is sleeping. You can only attach it by jumping on it since it is stuck on the wall. 3 times and you will win! This is the end of this game. Sounds like it is “so” easy for you? Try it out!

Fancy Pants Adventure Unblocked:

When playing a pc game on, you will not be blocked by anything, you can play Fancy Pants Adventure Unblocked. Also, there are many exciting games offered, especially the adventure of fancy pants in other worlds.

How to play:

  • Using “left” and “right” key on the keyboard to move.
  • Using the “S” key to jump.
  • Using the “Up” key to open the door.
  • The “down” key on the keyboard can be used to duck while you are on a slant, or to roll when you are landing.
  • Press “Space” to pause the game, and then press “S” to quit.
  • “Q” can be used to optimize the game’s quality.

Tips and tricks

  • With the jump point, you need to watch carefully to avoid touching the monster.
  • You can change the color of the pants for the character according to the preference in the “option” door.

Fancy Pants Adventure Walkthrough