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Fall Ball

About the game:

Fall Ball d is an interesting running platform game. This game will take you into a world where you can only run and run more. This game has extremely interesting features such as speed boosts and jump ramps, new skins for the platforms, which makes you feel more chill and more excited. Besides, the game also has beautiful 3D graphics, boiling soundtracks, and engaging gameplay, which made this addictive game.

In this game, you will control a ball that runs in a straight line in the sky. By dragging the ball left or right, you will overcome all obstacles, which are accelerating slopes, jumping walls. You will not easily overcome obstacles, because they are very difficult.

One special thing about this game is that you will not run in a straight line, but you will be running and jumping down. The ball will fall and will run faster and faster. The farther you go, the higher your score.

Fall Ball Unblocked:

Fall Ball Unblocked is a pretty interesting game to play when you have free time or are bored. If you feel like this game, we recommend that you try playing it at because it is completely free to play here. Come here and experience it !!!

How to play:

Hold left mouse button to steer the ball

Fall Ball - How to play

Control of Fall Ball

Tips and tricks:

  • Let your ball fall into the accelerating ramps, which will help you go further
  • When you fall, pay attention to falling into the middle of the lines