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Exit Path 2

About game:

Exit Path 2 is an amazing platform game programmed and designed by jmtb02 (John). In this second instalment of the Exit Path series, you have to start running hard, again. This game’s target is simple: run to the exit as fast as possible and without dying, of course. Follow the one and only exit path, overcome challenges and obstacles on the way and get out of this dark place!

You can choose to play in Uniplayer mode to play by yourself or play in the Multiplayer mode to run with up to five players. Besides, don’t forget to customize your character in the Game menu. Select the color, buy the accessories and make your own unique character!

If you love this game, then you should go and unlock the premium content – the exit PASS with 10 new challenge courses and 40 unique pieces of flair! Also, for the music lovers, there is an available soundtrack with 15 songs from the Exit Path series. Purchase them to support the developers! However, if you don’t like to pay, there are still plenty of other free online games waiting for you to experience!

Exit Path 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use Arrow Keys to move.
  • Use Space/Shift to flow (when full enough).
  • Use Q to toggle quality.

Exit Path 2 - How to play

Control of Exit Path 2

Tips and tricks:

Some walls are so high that you need to perform a double jump. There are two ways to perform this action:

  • Double jump with the flow: hold flow and press the up arrow key a few times.
  • Double jump without flow: run against a block and press up a few times.

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Exit Path 2 Walkthrough