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About the game:

Created by SoZetta, Evade is a classic robot platform game with an intriguing backstory and highly addictive gameplay. The main character is a robot chosen as a subject for a secret project. Its first ability was originally to be indestructible.

But the robot counsel stated that indestructibility is impossible, so now you're aiming for the ability to dodge and evade any potential dangers and threat. So you have to go through a series of training and practicing trying to use your new skills to evade places later on. Here you'll face deadly lasers, confusing boxes, and many more obstacles to test your skills before you can reach the door, which leads to your next level. Keep leveling up and defeat every round until you're one good evasive robot.

Evade is a well-designed game with smooth movements and animations so that your game playing experience can be fulfilling and enjoyable. If you wish to play it right now, what are you waiting for?!

Evade Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the under arrow key to duck, combine it with the left or right key arrows to crawl
  • Use the space bar to jump, double-tap it to jump even further
  • Use upper arrow key in the air to float and hover
  • Combine space bar and left or right key arrow to stick to walls and platforms
  • Double-tap right or left key arrow to dash/run really fast

Evade - how to play

Control of Evade

Tips and tricks:

  • Timing, patience, and creativity will help you through the game

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