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About the game:

Enigma, developed by Eggy, is a puzzle-solving, gravity manipulating platform game. Your character has to combine movements and control gravitational forces in order to reach the door where he could level up and keep going. But I can assure you that it's not that easy. Before you are numerous lasers, deadly spikey boxes, and life-threatening shooters. You have to use the force to get through all of them, and you might even need the help of moveable boxes.

The game is a crazy puzzle itself and to solve it, you'll need more than just smartness and creativity: you need timing. If you mess up the sequence or the correct time to jump, it might as well end in your character's death. So, go ahead and try the game out for yourself, you find a lot more to learn

Enigma is a highly creative game with cool visualizations and smooth animations. Once you started playing, you won't be able to quit!

Enigma Unblocked:

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Enigma has become the classic game on hudgames along with FixationEvade and Sonic The Hedgehog. All of them are strongly recommended by the editors.

How to play:

  • Use the "W, A, S, D" key to change gravitational forces
  • Use the upper arrow key to make a jump
  • Use the right and left arrow key to move your character
  • Use the mouse to move moveable blocks

Enigma - How to play

Control of Enigma

Tips and tricks:

  • Try to think of different ways to pass the round
  • Gravity is amusing and useful if you can learn it right