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Elephant Quest

About game:

What if you are given a chance to discover the mysterious world through the eyes of an elephant? In this Platform, Adventure, Elephant and Story video game Elephant Quest, you will get to extend your long last journey in the form of an elephant. Is it attractive enough for you?

Elephant Quest tells the story about a friendly Elephant friend, who is travelling throughout various types of areas to get his beloved hat from a bully. You can control the Elephant friend, as well as take the order of solving multiple quests from the game system. The Elephant friend not only can move around quickly but also can release his power to attack the enemies on his way.

As the game process, you will get to meet many other Non-playable-Characters. These good friends help you to get more clues and make the game progress softer. Elephant Quest has a colorful game world, where even the smallest stuff is painted with bloom colors. Also when the game relaxes your eyes and makes you feel better after conquering any mission of it, you still have to keep in mind that you will fail the game any time when you don’t focus.

Everything takes effort to progress further, and so does your gameplay. You will face more classic elements as you progress more also in the fantastic game world of Elephant Quest such as new areas, enemies, weapons, and more. The superb Adventure is waiting for you ahead, let’s go!

Elephant Quest Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to make the Elephant move.
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot the enemies/cut grass.

Elephant Quest - How to play

Control of Elephant Quest

Tips and tricks:

  • You need to let the Elephant friend talk to anyone he sees.
  • A carefully short jump is always safer than a long one.