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About the game:

Electromagnetic is a game of PyroflameGames, belonging to the genre of physics and discovery. You will control an electromagnet that moves to overcome the challenge, collect energy batteries and go to the next levels. There are two game modes to choose from, including four versions so this game can be suitable for many players without fear of erasing each other's achievements.

In each round, you will move your battery, and you can grip to walk on the wall generated by the array of the cell. But such moves on the wall will cost a lot of energy, so you need to collect as much energy as possible.

You can encounter obstacles on the way like electromagnetic interference devices or other magnet parts, things that make you unable to control as you like. Destroy and stay away from them to complete the mission! You will be guided on how to use your devices on the way, so it is very convenient for you. Have fun!

Electromagnetic Unblocked:

If you want to be able to play Electromagnetic Unblocked without interruption or insecurity, you can go to We will help you eliminate the weaknesses of other gaming sites. Just relax and play it!

How to play:

  • Using arrow keys when moving
  • Using “a” key to grip and run on the wall
  • Using the “s” key to shoot
  • Using “d” to detonate your energy

Electromagnetic - How to play

Control of Electromagnetic

Tips and tricks:

  • Stop at milestones, and you will be guided to move to the next step
  • You can delete your results to play the new game again