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About game:

With a gentle music background and deep, the game has many favorite players, because it is highly entertaining, and it also makes you feel comfortable to play it. That is the E7, game action is interwoven into the adventure. The E7 has received 1,908 players and has received a rating of 7.2 / 10. That is proof of the attractiveness of the E7.

In this adventure game, you control a radar machine, your task is to search the resulting boom on the planet. During that journey, you are faced with a multitude of dangerous enemies, including firing the ray Lazer, scanners of the enemy, the cannon. The game includes 20 Sectors. Each sector there are different difficulty levels.

Higher than the higher difficulty level. Moreover, the higher the Sector more and more enemies, and you are very hard to control their machines beyond them. When encountering the enemy then you must try to destroy them to open the gate to the next Sector. With flash technology, the game allows you to play on modern browsers.

E7 Unblocked:

E7 has been unlocked in the On this site, you can play E7 Unblocked for free. is the great place of those who love unblocked games. Come to Hudgames to enjoy relaxing moments.

How to play:

Press arrow keys to movement.

Press S to dip down.

E7 - How to play

Control of E7

Tips and Stricks:

When you reach the ramp, go slowly because you will not know what's ahead.

When you face the enemy, try to avoid their laser.

E7 Walkthrough