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Dream Tower

About game:

Dream Toweris a lovely action game from Neutronized which you cannot ignore if you love cute things. The game is designed in simple 2D graphic, providing a feeling of many old games. Entering the game, you will find yourself as a tiny blue kitten next to a tower. There are many blocks sticking around the tower’s wall so that you can use them as stairs and jump onto them. Some enemies are waiting for you there but don’t worry, you just have to jump on their head and they will disappear right away.

Dream Tower consists of 20 stages with increasing difficulty. You have to complete them one-by-one since a stage is only unblocked when the previous one is completed. In each stage, you will have to complete a stage’s mission such as getting to the top stair or finding another kitten and rescuing him. The controlling keys are pretty simple. You only need to use the arrow keys to move around and jump. You are given 3 lives. If you hit your enemies instead of jumping on them, you will lose 1 live. After finishing a stage, 1 live will be recovered.

Do you want to join this challenging adventure and make friend with our lovely kitten? Enter the Dream Tower now and rock the journey!

Dream Tower Unblocked:

Dream Tower Unblocked – the journey of the tiny blue kitten is available at – a popular gaming site where you will be attracted in. Ready for the jump yet? Dream Tower Unblocked is here to enjoy.

How to play:

  • Right and left arrow keys to move.
  • Up arrow key to jump. Double tap to jump higher.
  • Use up and down arrow keys to access doors or weapons according to the instruction on the tower.

 Dream Tower - How to play

      Control of Dream Tower



Tips and tricks:

  • Pay attention to your lives.
  • Sometimes it’s not a wise move to rush into your enemies. Play slowly and carefully.
  • Try to follow the direction shown on the tower, that’s the right one.

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Dream Tower Walkthrough