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Dragon Quest

About game:

Dragon Quest by meetreengames is a recreational game associated with the adventure element. The Dragon Quest will not disappoint you when you play it. This game is simple but not boring, along with unexpected situations, the game has made no fewer players be excited when they play it.

In this game, you are a Knight to explore 1 mysterious Castle. The Castle has all 20 floors, each floor containing different challenges. To get to another floor, you must collect the keys by overcoming the challenge. On each floor of the Castle, you have 3 networks, if you die, you will lose network and 3 playbackS the floor.

Be careful with those obstacles, because you need to think to pass them. The game possesses beautiful graphics, very close to the player. The background music of the game very dramatic, it makes players thrilled in every moment.

Dragon Quest Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use arrows to move.
  • Press X to jump.
  • Press C to attack.

Dragon Quest - How to play

Control of Dragon Quest

Tips and tricks:

At level 3 you need to push the back seat in twigs crossbow under the ground, it will help you shoot better.

You must lead the skeleton to move to the trap to kill the skeleton and take the key.