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Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is a cool arcade platform game for all ages! Try to stay alive as you're going higher and higher. Many monsters and obstacles will stand in your way; hence, any small mistake will lead you to your defeat. Play as long as you want and challenge others' scores!

About the game:

Doodle Jump is a classic arcade platform game that fits for all ages. It has simple gameplay but yet it has been so attractive. In this game, you'll control an adorable yellow fellow through a tower. This tower has many blocks arranged randomly, but the blocks is quite far away from each other.

Your job is to make him jumps from blocks to blocks without falling down to his death. Your character will keep jumping constantly, so you just need to drive him to either side and make sure he lands on the right spots.

The main point is to stay alive for as long as you can while going higher and higher. In the first stages, you might think this is just an easy game to master. In fact, I did think the same thing when I first play Doodle Jump, that this is kind of a game for kindergarteners.

With just green blocks that stay lamely in the same spots, I thought I could master the game using no effort. However, things got harder. There are more new platforms. Firstly, it's the broken wooden platforms that cannot hold your weight. They should never be stepped on since they will break in half the moment you land on them. So, unless there is something reliable lays under the broken wooden blocks, don't head for them.

Secondly, it's the cloudy, white platform that can just hold you once. When you hit them and bounce, they'll vanish into thin air. Dealing with these platforms is super hard, because you have to act really fast before falling down forever. They're a real challenge to test your reflexes!

Last but not least, I want to introduce to you the blue platforms. They have a lot of things in common with the green platforms, but there is one tiny difference: they move! Now, in addition to acting fast, you'll also have to think fast, too. The exact time will be the key to deal with these kinds of platforms.

What's worse, later on, you'll meet the monsters of the game. They definitely don't want you to go higher, and so there they are, trying to finish you at any moment. So, there are more things to do. Kill those doodle monsters before they kill you. Now I have both good news and bad news for you. The good news is, your character has a gun of his own shooter on the top of his head. The bad news is, let's see how you can aim and shoot with a pair of nonstop jumping legs.

It's now up to your skills of aiming and shooting to survive. One more thing, prepare yourself as the game will get faster and the platforms will soon be thinner scattered. This game will only turn crazier and crazier! Only with extremely sharp skills can you survive!

Good news, along your adventure, there will be much special equipment for you to pick up. Although this equipment can only be used in a short period, they can help a lot, as they help you skip several blocks, some of which could be really hard blocks to overcome.

The equipment you're expected to see are spring shoes, jetpacks or cute pinwheel hats. The spring shoes give you super high jumps while the pinwheel hat flies you up gently. But what I think the coolest is those jetpacks. They can rocket you up much higher than what the pinwheel hats can do, and the speed of riding these jetpacks feels just right for me. However, this is only my opinion. You should play Doodle Jump, try out all of these and decide your best favourite!

To say about the graphics and sounding effects of Doodle Jump, I would like to say that they're just like the operation of this game: seem so simple, yet are so engrossing and attractive. Besides, I think the drawings of the character and monsters are actually pretty adorable. So, if you like lovely stuff, it's not a bad idea to check out the arts of this game.

Doodle Jump has such fun gameplay that's perfect for playing in your free time. I can never get tired of this game, it makes me feel so relaxed after a long day from school. Besides, I'm proud to say that I'm an expert in Doodle Jump. My friends can never beat my high scores in this game. What about you? Are you a noob or a pro? Play now to see!

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How to play:

- Your character will be jumping continuously, so you don't need to make him jump. Instead,

  • Use left and right arrow key to move between blocks
  • Use mouse to aim and left mouse click to fire at doodle monsters

Tips and tricks:

  • Do you know what, apart from the height, can lead you straight to your death? Bingo! That's the black hole. So, my dear, try to avoid those dark places, will you?
  • Don't jump on broken wooden platforms, they are extremely weak, and they cannot hold you. But if there's a reliable block laying just under that wooden platforms, it's okay to jump.
  • Try to hit on the platforms with springs to skip some blocks.
  • You can still change direction when you're in midair, so it may be still possible to fix some mistakes made in the game.

Doodle Jump Walkthrough