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Dogs in Space

About game:

Have you ever heard of “Space Dog” before? Well, it is not a new thing in the age of technology we are living in. Dogs in Space is a Platform, Puzzle, and Dog video game about the topic “Space Dog.” In this video game, you will be meeting two animal friends named Belka and Strelka. It seems like these cute little guys are the space dogs who have been left alone in a spaceship, due to the intro of the game. After finishing the mission located in the moon, the command center cannot bring the two space dogs back on their own, which means that you will have to help them.
The space dogs can walk and make a sort of simple actions. As the game starts, both of them are locked in their cages. From here, you need to activate your brain cells and find all the ways to help both of the space dogs get out of what is locking them in. After a couple of minutes when you figure out what to do with the rest of the game, Dogs in Space starts to bring out more and more Puzzles for you to solve in every stage of it.
What you need to ensure is not being stuck at any stage of the game, which can easily lead to your failure. Dogs in Space is an entertaining and exciting video game for people who love dogs. If you know a friend who loves dogs, you should invite him/her to come and cooperate in this video game with you. Have fun!

Dogs in Space Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press the Tab button to switch roles.
Press the arrow/A, W, D buttons to move.

Dogs in Space - How to play

Control of Dogs in Space

Tips and tricks:

Since the game supports two players mode, you should ask one of your friend to come and play with you.
You can watch a walkthrough video if you are stuck at any point of the game. 

Thousands of gamers on Hudgames have voted for Dogs in Space to be one of the most addictive game. Three other names that are also adored include I Saw Her Standing ThereCoinbox Hero and I Saw Her Across the World.

Dogs in Space Walkthrough