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Dino Run

About the game:

Dino Run is a cool arcade game with vivid graphics and easy manipulation. The context of the game is a dinosaur world with many different dinosaurs. You will play the role of a small dinosaur running through obstacles and collecting super dinosaur eggs as well as other items to complete the level.

Your mission is to run nonstop and jump over other dinosaurs by taking advantage of the hilly terrain or uplifting of flying dinosaurs. At each level, you will have to pay attention to the time you complete the round and the number of eggs you can harvest. They will determine your rankings as well as your score in this round.

Dino Run has many rounds, and each round will have different scenes. It could be mountain forests, tunnels, or a volcanic region, and challenges will also be flexibly changed to suit the scene. Therefore, this game requires the player's flexibility to be able to pass all levels in the fastest time with the most eggs collected.

Dino Run Unblocked:

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How to play:

To play this game, you need to use up arrow to jump and press down arrow to crouch. If you want to Pause, press Spacebar or ESC. It is straightforward and easy!

Dino Run - How to play

Control of Dino Run

Tips and Tricks:

Take advantage of other dinosaurs to overcome obstacles in the game, and don't forget to harvest all the eggs along the way.

Practice before playing to get familiar with game manipulation and efficiently overcome obstacles.

Dino Run Walkthrough