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About game:

Crumpled is a Platform, Adventure, Blob, and Stickman video game. In the game world of Crumpled, everything is drawn on the pape, except the Blob. The game requires you to control the Stickman and go on his Adventure drawn on one paper. The Stickman can run, jump, and climb walls. He is quite smart, as he refuses to jump off the high places. You will have to ensure that the Stickman is not going to die when he gets to the finish line in each level.

The game equips one stage with obstacles such as the Poison flats that can kill the Stickman while he touches them. There are two scales you have to pay attention to in Crumpled, one is Blood, while the other is Strength/Energy. The Blood scale is marked Red, while the Strength/Energy scale is in Green. The Blob is a supportive friend of the Stickman, as he protects the Stickman and prevents him from losing Blood or Energy. You can control both the Stickman and the Blob in Crumpled. The Stickman can accomplish any level without the help of the Blob, but you will have to save yourself several tips to protect the health of the Stickman, so it is fair enough.

Crumpled allows the player to interact with the game in various ways, and one of them is using the mouse cursor to pick options. You will love the simple but addictive elements of Crumpled after you finish the first level of it. Come and play Crumpled now!

Crumpled Unblocked:

You can check up on Crumpled Unblocked at, as this site contains multiple video games, while Crumpled Unblocked is just one of’s Adventure Games Collection. Let’s get to and play Crumpled Unblocked now!

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How to play:

Use the Arrow keys to set the Stickman in motion.
Use the mouse cursor to control the Blob.

Crumpled - How to play

Control of Crumpled

Tips and tricks:

  • The Blob will not be able to reach the Stickman if they are too far away from each other.
  • You can slowly climb on the walls leading to the lower places to prevent injuring the Stickman.

Crumpled Walkthrough