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Cops And Robbers

About game:

Cops and Robbers is a Platform, Cops, Robbers and Adventure video game. This game is also known as Cops and Robbers 1 in the series under the same name. You start this game as a police officer, who is in charge of taking all the criminals back to the Grimeport Police Dept. The intro of the game does not only introduce the general quest but also brings out the list of the most wanted criminal. To finish this video game Cops and Robbers, you will have to catch every single criminal to commit justice.

Each criminal has a name and a nickname, which makes the game become even more real than it seems. Cops and Robbers rewards you with three types of medals. The medal you earn depends on the score you get after each successful hunt. Each case of catching robber also has Arrests requirement and A Weapon to unlock. The game brings in several elements such as Speedome, which requires you to collect the Stars you see on your way to speed you up.

One another thing you also have to notice is the “Robber’s Cash Remaining” scale, as it shows you the amount of bonus cash you get when you successfully catch a criminal. There are more elements for you to discover and use in this video game Cops and Robbers, as it is up to you to learn and extend your gaming experience. Start your engine and catch your first target in Cops and Robbers now!

Cops and Robbers Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the Space bar or Up arrow key to jump, press double to make a double-jump.
  • Press the Z, X, C, V, B, N or M buttons to fire your weapon.

Cops And Robbers - How to play

Control of Cops And Robbers

Tips and tricks:

  • You should watch a walkthrough video to manage the difficulty of this game if you want to win the game quick.
  • The Speedome is what you have to pay attention to if you want to win one level quicker.