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About game:

Contradiction is a fun shooting and platform game with retro graphics and gameplay, which developed by Michi and released on November 25, 2017. Note that the game has a game pad support and mobile support.

In this game, you are a soldier and attempt to vanquish the evil Dr. Hiroshita and his army of mechanical monstrosities. Throughout the journey. You must kill the wrong arms of the wicked doctor and the poison infected animals.

In the journey, when you destroy the bins, it will fall off the items. Collect those items you will receive blood vessels, increase the power, modern weapons,... Furthermore, you can collect power-ups that boost your character and allow you to progress easier.

You are equipped with high-tech weapons. Through each screen, you will experience different difficulty levels. Sure, the game will give you every feeling. You will feel the feeling of the soldier. More focused on each match.

Contradiction Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Arrow keys to move and aim.
  • Z to shoot.
  • X to jump.

Contradiction - How to play

Control of Contradiction

Tips and Tricks

When you head over to the enemy team's tank, stand still and use the Z key, do not press X.

Try to pick up the weapon items, because those items help you to counter the monsters.