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About the game:

Conjugate is a challenging arcade game with simple graphics. There is a white and a black world, and you must navigate both characters successfully and reach the finish point. Along the road, you have to pass through all the obstacles without falling into spikes or dropping down holes.

Firstly, you will play the white world part of the level. Focus, jump, and move skillfully to defeat obstacles as well as gaps in the platforms. Your ultimate goal is to touch the end point. The dots behind will help you in the next part of the level. In the black world, use the path that you have just left to complete the level. This is a game that requires the player's ingenuity and perseverance to be able to control the two characters, in turn, to overcome all the challenges and reach the end. You must be skillful when playing this game, try and experience Conjugate!

Conjugate Unblocked:

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How to play:

To play this game, you need to use up arrow to jump and press down arrow to crouch. It is straightforward and easy!

Conjugate - how to play

Control of Conjugate

Tips and Tricks:

Carefully observe the layout of each level to find the right tactics to control the two characters' play. Practice before playing to get familiar with game manipulation and efficiently overcome obstacles.

Conjugate Walkthrough