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About game:

You were so fed up with the fighting game, you no longer want to play them again. So why don't you try the Concussion? The author ‘s name of the game is Void. This is the game brings classic colors, it will make you remember about your childhood.

In this game, you take on the role of a geological expedition. You are trapped in the cave while working. Your mission is to find the way out of the cave. You only have one-gun seismic grenade launcher; its name is the Concussion. The concussion seismic grenade gun will help you to jump up to be higher and it helps you overcome the huge stone wall.

The game is not as easy as you think, throughout your journey, you are faced with a lot of traps, a lot of creatures under the cages of ground, underground cage creatures will attack you. Try not to fall down the lava.

Concussion Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use Arrow Keys to Move and Look.
  • Press A to Jump.
  • Press S to Fire Grenade.

Concussion - How to play

Control of Concussion

Tips and tricks:

When you see the high cliffs site, distance to jump over is very far, let`s use your weapon. When you fire off, wait for the flashing bullets, even then you jump on, the explosive force of the bullet + direction jump, it will help you jump further.

Be careful when jumping down, because the bottom may be lava.