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About game:

Commando is a Platform, Shooter, Side-scrolling and Single Player and Arcade game. The game takes place in time when the Germans intend to mount a successful invasion of the British Isles. The pilot of the game brings us to the imagination of the historical wars when humans used to think that war could solve everything.

Commando brings the player to a set of various missions, and the player will have to start up his Adventure from the mission 1. Each mission in Commando carries a story. As you can see, in mission 1, the game tells us the story dated back to July 1940, when the Luftwaffe attacked shipping convoys in the channel and Radar stations along the south coast. When you choose to start one mission, Commando takes you straight to the battlefield and requires you to fight for your life immediately. The game offers you a set of powerful weapons, most of them are guns. You can collect various types of guns, or upgrade your guns as you advance in Commando.

What you are going to do most while you are in Commando is using your weapons to kill the enemies from the sky, sea and ground. Sometimes, the enemies come out so quickly that you cannot handle them easily. The game world of Commando is installed with classic bit technology. If you have played video games like Metal Slug, you will find it easy to catch up with  Commando, since Commando and Metal Slug are quite similar. Are you ready to take down the opponents from the enemies’ side? Let’s prove how brave you are by surviving until the end of this video game Commando, now!

Commando Unblocked:

Going commando in school, why not? With the help of, you will be able to play Commando Unblocked at anytime and anywhere you want. It will be so good slacking off a bit while you are in the middle of a boring lesson. Make your way to now!

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How to play:

Use the W/A/S/D buttons to enable your character to advance from screens to screens.
Press the left-click mouse to shoot bullets and kill the enemies.

Commando - how to play

Control of Commando

Tips and tricks:

  • You will be trapped inside armies of enemies and killed quickly if your performance is too slow.
  • You can kill an enemy using only one bullet, so don’t break your computer mouse by mistake.