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Color Rush

About the Game:

Inspired by the Ink video game, JmPrsh153 has created the Color Rush Unblocked Platform game for web browser platforms using Unity technology so everyone could enjoy this game for free and without any installation required. The game is also available on Google Play for your Android devices!

In Color Rush Unblocked, your character will be a small one-eye ball that keeps changing its colour from time to time. The gameplay is pretty simple, all you have to do is to control your tiny ball to jump over invisible platforms and reach to as many checkpoints as you can. The number of checkpoints that you reached will also be your points. Note that in this game, all platforms will be invisible and you won’t be able to see them at all! In order to reveal those platforms, you will need to control your colour character to roll, jump and bump into any surface. By doing so, your character will slash its colours all over the place, and reveal hidden platforms.

Do remember to avoid the invisible spinning blades, don’t jump to high or fall into holes and always keep an eye on your health bar as it will run out pretty quickly; the only way you could raise your health bar up is to reach to the nearest checkpoint as fast as you can.

Color Rush Unblocked:

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How to play:    

Use Arrow keys to move your character and jump over platforms.
To perform a double jump, hit the Up-arrow key twice.

Color Rush - How to play

Control of Color Rush

Tips and tricks:

After checkpoint No.3, there will be more and more invisible spinning blades appear along the way. Each of the spinning blades will have a tiny red dot in the centre of it that is visible, try to notice on that and you will avoid them easily.
When you bump into a platform, your character will stick and slide down very slowly, enough to give you time to bounce back.

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