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Color Theory

About game:

Color Theory is a cool Platform, Color, and Adventure video game. In this video game, you will have the chance to relax your vision, while still have so much fun with the journey of exploring the game world. Color Theory brings in a world with primary colors such as Blue, Red, and Green. These three colors are the vital elements that lead to the appearance of the other colors. However, you don’t have to worry much about the rules of Color while you are playing Color Theory since this video game is not all about Color.

Your mission in the game is guiding the Adventurer to the lighting hole, which is also known as the final destination of each stage in Color Theory. The game takes place in the space, where only Colors take place. Somehow, the Colors create such beautiful incremental grounds for the adventures to stand in, but those grounds will disappear when the Adventurer touch the switch color button. When the incremental ground that the Adventurer is standing on disappears, he will have to jump straight to another ground, or the lightning hole, or else, he will die immediately when he falls into space.

The game world of Color Theory might be a little bit tough for beginners who have never played this kind of video game before. As you progress, you will soon get used to the game and love it by heart. Now, let’s kick off your Adventure in Color Theory!

Color Theory Unblocked:

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It can't deny that an incredibly addictive game like Color Theory always make us have to sit hours to enjoy it. Besides that, there are some equally addictive games are Bad Ice Cream and Headless Zombie.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Press the R button to restart your progress.
  • Press the M button to shut the game’s sound.
  • Press the ESC button to pause/go to the main menu.

Color Theory - How to play

Control of Color Theory

Tips and tricks:

You can learn more about the game’s configure in the Instruction option.
You should only touch the switch color button when you know what to do after you switch the Color.

Color Theory Walkthrough