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About game:

Coil is an icon-sized puzzle platform game created by Nitrome Company. It is very different from every other puzzle game because Coil is an experimental flash game with no instruction or clear direction. The player should keep an open mind while playing. Your mission is very simple: collect pixels as many as possible. The pixel will help Coil increase her length, so she can stand taller and reach a greater distance.

The special thing of this game is: your snake wire conducts electricity which intersecting with the snake's own body and being able to control where the snake goes step by step. Coil can conduct electricity from blocks by directly adjacent a part of her body to a powered block. When her body has electricity, Coil can power any objects that can be powered on.

Collecting energy will make Coil increase length by one block. It also increases Coil's power to allow her to act as a wire hold herself. This game has up to 16 levels. Can you play and zap to the extreme? 

 Coil Unblocked:

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 How to play:

Move your snake wire with the W/A/S/D or arrow keys.

 Tips and trick :

  • The snake Coil will not fall if even a single segment of she is supported.
  • Move away from the charged blocks will make it lose the electricity.