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Code Red

About the Game:

Published in 2017 by, Code Red Unblocked is a very well-designed Platform game that you could enjoy with any web browser because it was designed using Flash technology. This game is very straight forward, there is only 1 option in this game which is Play, and there are no other Extra options.

In Code RedUnblocked, you will be a monster, a special specimen that couldn’t stand being locked up inside your containment chamber so it decided to break out. Your enemies are human beings, from Scientists to Guards with heavily armed, but don’t worry because almost nothing could stop you. Your character has so many unique abilities that human couldn’t have such as Screaming in high frequency, jumping high, incredible strength and ability to climb to high objects with your claws. You could decide either to kill a human instantly or consume them to increase your Health status bar. Do remember to keep an eye on your Health bar, as if it’s running low, you will need to increase it back to stay alive.

With more than 222,000 of played and tons of positive comment from gamers, Code RedUnblockedis a must-play video game title that you could not be missed. Let’s play and share with us your thought!

Code Red Unblocked: is a website that you could enjoy playing Code Red Unblocked without being disturbed by any network policy, suitable for school and office environment. Try it now!

How to play:     

  • For basic movements, use A, S, D, W keys.
  • Eat your enemies with J or X keys.
  • To destroy your enemies with your Scream, press Z or K keys.
  • Press H or C keys to slash your enemies.

Code Red - How to play

Control of Code Red

Tips and tricks:

  • Don’t try to eat those Guards as they could detect and shoot you from long range, eat those Scientists instead.
  • When you use your Scream ability, it will cost you 1 Health bar also, don’t overuse it

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